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Introduction to ACOLINK

Find out more about us & our ambitious vision


ACOLINK is a service provider and an agile platform with ambitions to become the number one go-to choice for you — businesses and organisations that want to excel in China.

What we offer

ACOLINK is a fast-growing progressive company dedicated to making international business and cross-border trade simple and more inclusive. We develop and deliver managed services, end-to-end solutions and strategies for businesses and organisations that wish to enter, grow, and scale in the Chinese market. Our core management team is based in the UK, with a dedicated operations and support teams across China, and a growing network of partners worldwide.

We offer a broad range of integrated services, consultancy, training, as well as collaboration opportunities that bring China's opportunities closer to you.

We believe that the future is global, and our ambition is to change how business happens between the West and China. We not only bring opportunities within your reach, but also make sure that we see them through — in a way that ensures sustainable growth and works for all the parties.

We work differently

We are lean and agile, resourceful, with sharp focus and committent on delivering results quickly. We have strong well established links and partnerships within both the private and public sectors in China, UK, as well as a rapidly expanding network throughout Europe, South America, Asia-Pacific, South East Asia, Russia, and other Belt & Road countries.

Whether you’re seeking new channels, looking for international growth, wish to expand the presence you already have in China, or still evaluating the market — we listen.

We further combine our in-house experience and resources with that of our strategic partners to provide seamless experience and assist our clients in keeping ahead of their competition. In short, we put the groundwork in, so you don’t have to.

We have long term objectives and believe in a holistic approach, that's why we also develop and work with a broad range of partners on international initiatives and programmes. Simply put, our network is a hub of industry insight — we're at the leading edge of what’s current in the market, what your counterparts in China are looking for, and what your customers expect.

Meet the founders

Anita (photo)

founder / ceo / go-getter

Anita is all about getting things done. With 15+ years in international marketing, sales & business development, she knows what makes markets tick. Anita works with a broad range of businesses, organisations and govt in China and the UK on trade solutions. A big advocate for women in business, supporter of community outreach and exchange, she helps others get to where they need to be.

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Tom (photo)

co-founder / ctoo / creator

Tom drives our innovation. As a wearer of many hats, his multidisciplinary background of 25 years and experience in delivering broad range of projects across Europe and Asia-Pacific, means he’s the go-to for processes, operations, compliance & technology. Tom's also the brains behind our creative outlets. Believer in bolstering great mindsets, he’s an entrepreneur with an engineer’s outlook.

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Our partners and associates

Our network spans both the private and public sectors, including leading organisations, principal government agencies, as well as major platforms' buyers, distributors, wholesale and retail with regional and national reach, ensuring that ACOLINK is always current on developments in Chinese commerce trends and regulations.

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Where we are based

Our core management team is based in the UK, North of England, with dedicated on-the-ground support teams across China, and international team of representatives and agents across other key regions. Our key operation teams are located strategically across Mainland China, ensuring seamless delivery, operation and providing on the ground support.


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