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Together with various organisations, including our key partners in China, we run a series of China-related events about international trade, investments, helping businesses understand and embrace market opportunities.

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What do Chinese consumers crave for? Here is how New Retail reshapes fresh food trends

2019-06-25 UK

China is one of the biggest import markets in the world (due to continued economic growth and policy restrictions being gradually lifted). In 2018, there were between 50,000 and 60,000 imported food brands nationwide.

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The alternative workshop to trading with China is coming near you — Let’s Do China 2019 UK Roadshow

2019-06-10 UK

China is arguably the largest single market worldwide and it is welcoming businesses to ride the wave of opportunities it offers. This year, Let’s Do China events are packed with practical insights, bringing fresh updates to help even more businesses boost their export potential.

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3 social commerce lessons from WeChat’s mini-apps (Part 2)

2019-05-06 China; Global

WeChat Mini Programs are driving China’s social commerce environment; shaping and influencing the world’s biggest e-commerce market. This time we’re looking into a consumer engagement campaign created by a luxury brand Burberry.

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China’s e-commerce giants digitise Spring Festival traditions to boost user engagement

2019-04-17 UK

Digital campaigns are modernising traditional celebrations as e-commerce businesses are taking a rare chance to appeal to Chinese consumers at large.

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Silk Road & Young Dreams Annual Exchange & Contest 2019

2019-04-07 China; Beijing

Our partners, Silk Road Cities Alliance, are hosting the 2nd annual international youth exchange contest that aims to provide a stage for young people from different backgrounds to show their talents, share their dreams, and build bridges across the globe.

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ACOLINK CEO showcases China opportunities for UK life sciences sector

2019-03-22 UK; Northern Powerhouse, Midlands Engine

Seven-stop Life Sciences China Market Access Roadshow organised by DIT concluded on 19 March 2019. It brought together a range of experts to discuss and highlight key developments within this fast-growing industry.

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New China-Europe dedicated cross-border e-commerce railway corridor launched in central China

2019-03-04 China

China-Belgium rail-line launch creates a competitive cross-border corridor between China’s logistics centre, Zhengzhou, and Belgium’s Liège; enhancing China’s global logistics connectivity across a network of European countries.

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China’s top 3 e-commerce pilot zone performers

2019-02-22 China

The comprehensive pilot zones in China are a prime opportunity for foreign brands. We’ve provided information on the top three performers, ranked by the ECRC (E-Commerce Research Centre).

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ACOLINK CEO invited to China Bites Seminar to talk about China’s New E-Commerce Law

2019-02-19 UK, North West, Manchester

After being invited to speak at the 14th annual Greater China Awards, during the China Bites seminar, ACOLINK CEO Anita Zhang, presented on China’s New E-Commerce Law.

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China-NPH trade links highlighted during Northern Powerhouse Export Awards

2019-02-12 UK, North, York

The fourth annual Northern Powerhouse Export Awards concluded on 7 February with resounding success. China was especially highlighted as a thriving market for current and potential exporting prosperity for Northern businesses.

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Announcement: Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, delegates, to attend Northern Powerhouse Export Awards

2019-02-06 UK, North, York

ACOLINK is pleased to announce Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, alongside First and Third Secretaries will be attending PD Ports Northern Powerhouse Export Awards.

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China CIIE signals key opportunities for businesses


Last year’s China International Import Expo (CIIE) concluded with $57.8 billion worth of trade deals. For 2019, there are already plans to make the event bigger and better – signalling key opportunities for UK businesses wanting break into China’s market.

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BQ: In conversation with Anita Zhang, CEO of ACOLINK LTD, on how exporting to China is shaping up for UK businesses


BUSINESS QUARTER — As China embraces even more bilateral trade and UK businesses look towards its market with a fresh perspective, ACOLINK LTD is helping firms to set their feet firmly on the ground.

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Merging digital & physical shopping – why exporters need to embrace New Retail


New Retail is a concept that is being introduced to consumers by China’s leading online retailers. It’s a new wave of making the experience of ‘buying’ more relatable, more interesting, and more accessible.

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#LetsDoChina welcomes 2019 Spring Festival with a networking event in Leeds

2019-01-22 UK; North, Yorkshire, Leeds

#LetsDoChina welcomes Chinese Spring Festival with a networking event in Leeds at Red Chilli Restaurant; bringing together Northern entrepreneurs who shared their experience in working with China.

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3 social commerce lessons from WeChat’s mini-apps (Part 1)

2019-01-07 China; Global

WeChat mini-apps are driving China’s social commerce environment; shaping and influencing the world’s biggest e-commerce market. Here’s why exporters should be embracing the opportunity.

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New e-commerce law tightens regulations, creates opportunities for exporters (Part 1)

2018-12-23 China

China’s new e-commerce law will take effect from January 1, 2019. The new law is set to “protect legal rights and interests”, and “maintain the market order”. This is the first part of our analysis.

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Gearing up for Let’s Do China 2019 Roadshow

2018-12-22 UK

We’re already gearing up for the 2019 edition of the roadshow, visiting even more UK cities. We look forward to seeing you at our alternative workshop to trading with China and understanding local market opportunities from a fresh perspective.

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China revises import policy for major technical & medical equipment

2018-12-06 China

Major technical equipment, including key medical equipment components and raw materials will see their import duties and taxes reduced for eligible importers. Check if your product is eligible with our interactive self-check.

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ACOLINK’s #LetsDoChina brings global opportunities to the Northern Powerhouse

2018-11-30 UK, North

ACOLINK wrapped up the first round of Let’s Do China, a roadshow bringing China opportunities closer to UK businesses. Workshops ran in November across Northern Powerhouse cities, with more to come throughout 2019 across the UK.

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Our Let’s Do China event wraps up in the North West

2018-11-28 UK, North West, Manchester

ACOLINK, a Northern business bridging and enabling trade opportunities between the UK and China, wrapped up the first round of their Let’s Do China roadshow in Manchester on the 28th November.

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Exporters to benefit from China’s relaxed tax policies for cross-border e-commerce retail imports

2018-11-23 China; Global

China’s State Council announces additional changes to the current cross-border e-commerce retail import policies that will further reduce barrier to entry for exporters; offers confidence boost to first-time exporters.

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Our Let’s Do China event wraps up in West Yorkshire

2018-11-22 UK, Yorkshire, Leeds

ACOLINK, a Northern business bridging and enabling trade opportunities between the UK and China, brought the kickstart of the Let’s Do China roadshow to Leeds this November to promote export prosperity between Northern Powerhouse businesses and China.

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Our Let’s Do China event wraps up in the North East

2018-11-20 UK, North East, Newcastle

This November, ACOLINK, a Northern business bridging and enabling trade opportunities between the UK and China, hosted the grand launch of a roadshow across the Northern Powerhouse in Newcastle to promote export prosperity between UK businesses and China.

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China’s 11.11 – the global shopping festival showing no sign of slowing down

2018-11-11 China; Global

This year, China celebrates the 10th anniversary of the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, also know as Singles Day, or Double Eleven. We’re looking at some of the key milestones that defined this year’s 24-hour shopping marathon, with a more in-depth analysis to follow soon.

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China International Import Expo opens up more trade opportunities for exporters

2018-11-09 China, Shanghai; Global

The first, inaugural China International Import Expo concludes this Saturday (5-10 November 2018) in Shanghai, sending out a powerful global message: New Era, Shared Future.

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The growth of WeChat Mini Apps amplifies market penetration for exporters

2018-11-05 Global

In less than two years since their introduction, WeChat’s Mini-Apps (微信小程序) number more than 580,000 apps and 170 million daily users across a vastly different number of industries, functions, and capabilities.

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Press release: China International E-Commerce Center Training Institute launches overseas e-commerce online training pilot

2018-10-29 China; UK; Ireland

The official news release from China’s Ministry of Commerce reports on CIECC’s successful delegation to Ireland & the UK, 14-20 October 2018. The delegation’s objective was to promote international exchange and cooperation in e-commerce expertise.

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UK businesses set to intensify exports to China through e-commerce with expertise sharing platform

2018-10-22 UK

China’s CIECC (MOFCOM) and UK’s ACOLINK visit Midland Engine & Northern Powerhouse cities. Focuses on creating a platform for UK businesses to be able to enter China’s ¥9 trillion yuan e-commerce market with knowledge, support and confidence.

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New e-commerce expertise sharing platform to help accelerate exports, showcased in Leeds

2018-10-19 UK, Yorkshire, Leeds

The delegation, organised by CIECC (MOFCOM) and ACOLINK, with support from DIT, is exploring opportunities to equip the current and future business leaders with the tools and knowledge to succeed in China’s e-commerce market.

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New e-commerce expertise sharing platform to help accelerate exports, showcased in Nottingham

2018-10-18 UK, East Midlands, Nottingham

The delegation, organised by CIECC (MOFCOM) and ACOLINK, is exploring opportunities to equip the current and future business leaders with the tools and knowledge to succeed in China’s e-commerce market.

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Nominate your business for the Northern Powerhouse Export Awards 2019

2018-10-15 UK, North West, Manchester

The annual PD Ports Northern Powerhouse Export Awards 2019 returns to recognise the North’s top exporters and celebrate achievements in international trade.

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WeChat Pay: wielding social commerce power

2018-10-11 China

Social commerce is one of China’s biggest trends, and Tencent’s WeChat is leading the charge towards a cashless, socially-stimulated retail consumer culture.

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Little Red Book (XiaoHongShu) paves the way to China’s new social consumer culture

2018-09-25 China

This Chinese influencer’s app is developing into a major player within China’s social e-commerce ecosystem, bringing with it new opportunities for exporters.

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Document: China quarantine requirements for imports of British seed potatoes

2018-09-18 China

On 17 September, 2018, China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) issued quarantine requirements for British seed potatoes.

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In the news: China is open for export business, says chief executive

2018-09-13 UK, Leeds

Yorkshire Post Business News provided a short piece on the Innovation Network event during which our CEO, Anita Zhang, spoke about internationalisation.

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Two cross-border e-commerce trade modes to get your business China-ready

2018-09-04 China

China’s e-commerce route is hard to ignore no matter what stage your business is at exporting. We’re looking at the two main import modes to help you understand the options.

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Why China rural e-commerce is a hub of untapped market potential for exporters

2018-08-21 China

Rising household incomes, retail consumption upgrade, and hunger for choice. Why China’s rural residents should be your target demographic.

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UK’s export figures to China show strong demand for British products

2018-08-01 UK

Recently released trade figures show that UK exports to China totalled £3.9bn in first quarter, followed by good performance throughout April-May which totalled £5.2bn.

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China upgrades trade with 22 new comprehensive cross-border e-commerce zones

2018-07-19 China

China’s 35 cross-border e-commerce zones, and what this development means to the domestic and international trade.

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China to establish more experimental cross-border e-commerce zones

2018-07-13 China

Today, Friday July 13, Premier Li Keqiang of China’s State council unveiled plans to establish the third batch of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental zones.

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Zoom in on 618, what’s new this year?

2018-07-03 China

This year’s 618 (June 18) event saw many interesting developments, we are taking a brief look at 7 that are likely to influence future major shopping events for years to come.

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Broad reduction of import duties coming into effect 1st July

2018-06-27 China

July 1, 2018 will see the reduction of import duties of 1,449 products by an average 55.9%.

Read more 6.18 annual shopping festival reaches new heights

2018-06-21 China annual anniversary celebration is the second biggest shopping event in Asia, this year’s 6.18 festival in June saw 37% increase in sales.

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China’s 5 shopping festivals businesses can’t miss

2018-06-18 China

China’s fast growing e-commerce industry is the largest, unique online market in the world that currently accounts for 40% of global e-commerce sales.

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Top 5 Baby & Mum e-commerce platforms in China for 2018

2018-06-04 China

With China’s single child policy lifted, the effects aren’t immediate, but they are encouraging for foreign businesses looking to export to China’s market.

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China to reduce import tariffs on selected consumer goods by over half

2018-05-31 China

China to significantly reduce import duties on consumer goods effective from July 1st, as it is implementing a series of policy reforms.

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China’s new perspective on global product quality standards

2018-05-17 China

Chinese Council rolls out sweeping overhaul of China’s quality standards; changing the game for both domestic and imported products.

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China gears up for the First International Import Expo

2018-05-07 China, Shanghai

China to host First International Import Expo (CIIE) starting from November 2018, with focus on imported good and services. A world-class platform for companies from all over the world.

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China Customs streamlines trade by incorporating entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency

2018-04-21 China, Beijing

From April 20, 2018, China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) formally became part of the General Administration of China Customs (GACC). It’s a forward-looking move set to uplift and support China’s fast-developing, high-volume import and export industry.

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ACOLINK attends China (Henan) International Investment and Trade Fair

2018-04-20 China, Henan

The 12th China (Henan) International Investment and Trade Fair (CHIITF) was held in Zhengzhou, Central China, on 17-19 April, 2018. For the second year in a row, ACOLINK LTD had the pleasure and honour of being invited by China (Henan) Department of Commerce to participate.

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Zero percent import tariffs on common and cancer drugs in China

2018-04-12 China

Import tariffs to be reduced to 0% on all common drugs and cancer drugs from May 1st. On Thursday, China unveiled further reformations of China’s vast pharmaceutical market, with imports to be further accelerated through cross-border e-Commerce.

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The appeal of the Chinese Market voiced at the Scottish Export Awards

2018-03-28 UK, Scotland, Glasgow

Chinese delegation proposes the facilitation of trading with China for proactive, ambitious UK companies.

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In the news: Yorkshire food and drink exports top £1bn

2018-03-27 UK, England, Yorkshire

YORKSHIRE POST — Anita Zhang, founder of ACOLINK, told The Yorkshire Post that fast moving consumer goods were in hot demand by Chinese consumers but that SMEs needed to step up their efforts to explore new avenues.

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Announcement: Chinese Minister Counsellor and Consulate General to attend Scottish Export Awards

2018-03-20 UK, Scotland

ACOLINK is pleased to announce that Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy to the UK, and Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh, are attending the 2018 Scottish Export Awards this week.

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China’s market captivates — Northern Export Awards actively advocates for export

2018-02-24 UK, North, Leeds

Northern Powerhouse Export Awards celebrates international trade achievements of northern businesses at the awards dinner night in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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In the news: Firms missing out on China trade

2018-02-14 UK, England, Yorkshire

YORKSHIRE POST — Small British firms are missing out by not making the most of trade opportunities with China, according to an organisation looking to bridge export and trade between the two countries. An interview with our CEO, Anita Zhang.

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First Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference, Beijing

2018-02-12 China, Beijing

BEIJING — February 9-10, 2018, saw the successful meeting of more than two thousand international experts for the First Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference in Beijing.

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Full text: Beijing Declaration (北京宣言)

2018-02-10 China, Beijing

Full text of The Beijing Declaration adopted by the General Administration of China Customs (GACC) and World Customs Organization (WCO) during the 1st Global Cross-Border E-commerce Conference, in February, 2018.

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In the news: Northern business signs partnership with Chinese Government agency

2017-11-13 UK, England, North

A new partnership agreement is set to facilitate international trade and investment opportunities between UK and China — BQ Magazine.

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China-UK E-Government & Open Data Forum hosted in the North

2017-11-13 UK, England, Manchester

ACOLINK hosts delegation from China’s principal government agency to Ministry of Commerce; visits three Northern Powerhouse cities; holds forum on e-administration co-organised with Manchester City Council.

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Announcement: Strategic partnership with China’s principal government agency

2017-11-06 China; UK

ACOLINK establishes strategic partnership with China International Electronic Commerce Centre (CIECC), Ministry of Commerce, to further facilitate trade and investment opportunities.

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