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Announcement: Strategic partnership with China’s principal government agency

2017-11-06 3 minute read China; UK

Chinese delegates from China's Ministry of Commerce welcomed by ACOLINK founders at Manchester Airport


  • Official announcement
  • What is CIECC, MOFCOM
  • How UK businesses can benefit

ACOLINK establishes strategic partnership with China International Electronic Commerce Centre (CIECC), Ministry of Commerce, to further facilitate trade and investment opportunities.

We’re excited to officially announce our new strategic partnership agreement with China International Electronic Commerce Centre (CIECC), Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), which will further facilitate and accelerate international trade and investment opportunities between UK and China.

CIECC is the executive organisation and technical support entity for MOFCOM, undertaking international cooperation and exchanges of state-level electronic commerce. It provides enterprises with services covering every key area of the trade service chain and, as China’s international e-commerce pioneer, it has participated in drafting e-commerce standards in commercial and trade areas.

Securing this partnership is a fantastic development in our vital, long-term strategy, and we’re incredibly pleased to be able to share the news after months of talks.

China’s government open for business

ACOLINK first approached CIECC in 2016, and we have been working steadily since then to be able to cinch this deal to bring you the best possible service. The partnership was finalised during CIECC’s delegation visit to Northern Powerhouse cities, and we plan to catch up with them during our CEO, Anita Zhang’s, upcoming China trip in early 2018.

We’re already working with CIECC to bring more opportunities to businesses across the UK, which includes shortlisting UK companies to have exclusive, personal meetings directly with our buyers and distributors to establish a sales contract. For more information on this, please make sure to subscribe to us for incoming updates.

Through this partnership we can dramatically reduce the entry barrier for UK businesses, help you confidently navigate foreign markets, ensure compliance, and enable you to use routes that are best suited for your circumstances.

We’re already implementing the benefits of this partnership in our service packages for entry to the Chinese market. Our link with CIECC is testimony that our strategy model, business ethics, and approach are all being recognised, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing further developments that make business with China easier and simpler.