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ACOLINK signs strategic partnership with Principal Chinese Government Agency

2017-11-08 3 minute read UK, England, North

ACOLINK receives CIECC (MOFCOM) delegation to the UK


  • Chinese delegation visits key Northern Powerhouse regions
  • ACOLINK align with CIECC to accelerate trade opportunities
  • The CIECC and how it benefits UK businesses entering China

Delegates of a principal Chinese government agency, falling under the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, sign a strategic agreement with ACOLINK LTD during their first visit to Northern Powerhouse.

Delegates of the China International Electronic Commerce Centre (CIECC) signed a first ever strategic agreement with ACOLINK LTD during their 4-day-visit to 3 cities of the Northern Powerhouse, improving non-governmental ties to stimulate business.

The Delegation

The delegation was jointly organised by ACOLINK and CIECC, and supported by Manchester City Council and Manchester China Forum among other organisations. The delegates visited three cities: Liverpool, Manchester, and York and hosted the first E-government & Open Data G2G Forum on 7 November, 2017.

With the objective of establishing an initial government-to-government dialogue, the forum covered a number of topics, including an overview of E-government initiatives, e-citizen gateways, business support services, and data management in government operations.

The Partnership

Our new strategic partnership agreement with CIECC will further facilitate and accelerate international trade and investment opportunities between the UK and China.

We’re incredibly pleased to secure this partnership as part of our vital long-term strategy, and we’re already working together on bringing more opportunities to businesses across the UK.

Our CEO, Anita Zhang, says this is only the beginning. She states: “This agreement means we are in a unique position to develop relationships and have national reach in both countries. We are aiming to be recognised as the UK-China agile platform business which paves the way that brings global opportunities closer to local businesses.”

Through this partnership ACOLINK can significantly reduce the entry barrier into the Chinese market for UK businesses. We can help you confidently navigate foreign markets, ensure compliance, and enable you to use routes that are best suited for you circumstances.

We’re already implementing the benefits of this partnership in our service packages for entry to the Chinese market. Our link with CIECC is testimony that our strategy model, business ethics, and approach are being recognised.

What is CIECC?

CIECC is the executive organisation and technical support entity for China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), undertaking international cooperation and exchanges of state-level electronic commerce. It provides enterprises with services covering every key area of the trade service chain and, as China’s international e-commerce pioneer, it has participated in drafting e-commerce standards in commercial and trade areas.

After this successful initial delegation, talks have already started about CIECC’s return to the UK in Spring, 2018. They’ll explore potential investment opportunities with selected British businesses, with the assistance of ACOLINK.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing further developments that make business with China easier and simpler.