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Let’s Do China — Learn to export through e-commerce

19 February 2019 (this event has ended) Leeds

Let's Do China - An alternative workshop to trading & more

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This event has completed. Thank you to all the participants!

A practical workshop for businesses wanting to sell their products to Chinese consumers through e-commerce. This interactive session will help you understand no only how to sell your products on China’s leading online retail platform, but also the policies and regulations that apply in your circumstances.

During this session, our experts will be sharing their experience and taking you through the basics of the process, but also the recent updates on policies and regulations implemented by the Chinese government.

We will be using the leading online retail platform, JD.com, as a reference. However, most of the knowledge required is applicable to other platforms as well.

What you’ll learn

This event would benefit prospective first-time exporters, passive exporters, but also businesses that already actively sell their brands internationally but currently don’t fully utilise the fast growing e-commerce route to the Chinese consumer market. This applies to businesses of all sizes, and sectors such as personal care, household, small appliances and commodities, clothing, fashion, jewellery, food and drinks, etc.

  • The different models offered by JD.com and how they apply to you
  • The basis of the critical-path processes
  • The requirements that your products must meet
  • Intellectual Protection considerations for your brand
  • What marketing and promotional activities you should consider

We will also help you understand the practical aspects of recently announced changes to policies and regulations:

Dates, Locations & Booking

This event has ended. Check this page for upcoming events, forums, and seminars.

About JD.com (JingDong)

As one of China’s top two e-commerce giants, JD is also one of the leading e-retail platforms in the world with 301.8 million annual active customers. JD is leader in the innovation of China’s e-commerce market. Launching the ’Unbounded Retail’ strategy – which includes online-to-offline promotions, the biggest online sales festival in the first half of the year in China, and last-mile logistics to help hard-to-reach consumers embrace e-commerce – JD is a great avenue for exporters who want to make the most out of China’s market.


ACOLINK, with our ambitions to bring global opportunities closer to local businesses, recognises that business leaders need accurate and up-to-date market information to put their best foot forward as China opens up wider to the world.

Our partnership with China Government agencies and access to exclusive insights, by buyers from e-commerce’s key players, means that we’re in an excellent position to relay the changes in China’s market directly to you.

#LetsDoChina is ACOLINK’s campaign, launched in August 2018, that aims to give businesses the practical knowledge and tools for taking their business global — with a fresh, alternative approach.

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