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In the news: China is open for export business, says chief executive

2018-09-13 1 minute read UK, Leeds

Anita Zhang, CEO ACOLINK, keynote speaker at the Innovation Network event / ©ACOLINK

Yorkshire Post Business News provided a short piece on the Innovation Network event during which our CEO, Anita Zhang, spoke about internationalisation.

CHINA is opening up for business was the message of one of the speakers at the latest Innovation Network event.

Anita Zhang, CEO of ACOLINK, told the event that key developments over the past year have implemented big steps towards a more accessible platform for trade between the UK and China.

She said: “Maybe for some companies they’re not ready [to export to China] yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore the opportunities. If you don’t ask questions, you will never know when you will be ready, or what it will take for you to be ready.”

Other speakers included Andy Taylor of RTC North and Chris Robinson, Post Award Manager – Leeds Beckett University.

Source: Yorkshire Post, Business News, September 13 2018, p.3