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The Belt and Road China-UK Project Exchange Conference, Shanghai

5 June 2019 (this event has ended) China; Shanghai, Pudong

This event has completed. Thank you to all the participants!

This conference seeks to recognise and showcase diverse investment opportunities – acting as a catalyst for encouragement of more businesses in considering bilateral trade and investment as a realistic opportunity for expansion.

The conference is organised by Silk Road Cities Alliance (SRCA), Silk Road Small-Medium Enterprises Development Alliance (SMEDA), and ACOLINK LTD (UK). Delivered in association with Shanghai JYSW Information and Technology Co. Ltd., the event will bring together entrepreneurs to promote Sino-British trade and investment opportunities.

The Belt and Road initiative is bringing invigorating opportunities for immediate and sustainable growth via international trade. Countries around the world are recognising China’s openness, and Sino-British Golden Era relations – in particular – are developing quickly. The Project Exchange Conference is designed to encourage and support businesses on their journey to internationalisation. We’ll be hosting a variety of seminars for a fully rounded understanding of the Sino-British trade and investment ecosystem.

Trade and investment along the Belt and Road corridor remains central to our growth agenda. SRCA have been championing international trade by building links across China and beyond; embracing an outward looking perspective and working closely with countries including the UK, Italy, Israel, Ukraine, Japan, and the Philippines among others.

Now, more than ever, we are determined to recognise and work alongside our colleagues and supporters from different countries to together share best practice, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration and investment opportunities. We will be celebrating with over 200 guests, including VIPs from Consulate Offices, guests from a range of industries across private sectors, and state-owned enterprises hailing from China’s economic centres.


  • Registration and networking
  • Welcome speech by the head of SRCA and SMEDA
  • Keynote speech by a representative of the British Consulate General in Shanghai
  • Keynote speech by a representative of China Sinogy Electric Group Co., Ltd.
  • Talk on Sino-British Business Culture, by a UK representative
  • Signing Ceremony — Strategic cooperation contract
  • Break
  • Presentation I: Introduction of SMEDA and the UK partner ACOLINK & LetsDoChina.org campaign; announcement of the Silk Road Business Exchange Project (UK)
  • “The Belt and Road” Sino-British Service Forum
  • Presentation II: UK Projects Introduction
  • Open discussion and Q&A

Date & Location

  • Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong Hotel, Shanghai, China
  • Date: Wed, 5 June 2019
  • Time: 13:00-17:30 (Beijing time, UTC+08:00)


By invitation only — please get in touch.


The conference is organised by:

  • Silk Road Cities Alliance (SRCA) / 丝绸之路城市联盟
  • Silk Road Small-Medium Enterprises Development Alliance (SREDA) / 丝绸之路中小企业发展联盟

With the kind support of:

  • UK Department for International Trade (DIT) / 英国国际贸易部

Delivered by:

  • Shanghai JYSW Information and Technology Co., Ltd / 上海吉元思炜信息科技有限公司

We’d also like to thank our sponsor, Shanghai Imperial Language Service Co., Ltd.