环游世界  八十天

No script, real-time, travel experience & reality show

Advertising, Public Relations, and Product Placement Investment Opportunity (100 million+ audience)

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The Challenge

A reality show following 3 challengers on a mission to tour 60 cities, 40 countries in 80 days with only ¥33,000 (£3,800 / $4,800) budget per person. Contestants have limited time, limited funds & limited routes to complete tasks in each city or risk shrinking their budget.

The person (or persons) who successfully completes all the tasks wins ¥100,000. Those who fail, will have to pay back their own travel expenses from the trip. Contestants also have to stream a daily live broadcast lasting at least 30 minutes.

The contest is set to commence Q1/Q2 2019 (get in touch to learn about the itinerary).

Core Audience

Viewers with a big interest in travel, culture & adventure. Enthusiastic global consumers with an appetite for foreign products. Sophisticated, curious, explorers.

Estimated reach

100 million+ (in China alone)

Broadcasting & Distribution

  • KOL-driven (Key Opinion Leader) advertising on a large scale platform.
  • Micro variety: an episode every two days for a total of 40 episodes
  • Live broadcasting: daily broadcast 30-60 min, 80 episodes
  • Promoted on various Youku channel categories including documentary, tourism, lifestyle, culture, trending, and the original content platform.
  • Official Weibo and WeChat accounts, to be updated simultaneously.
  • Smart screening algorithms that will match uploading times with peak audience interest.
TikTok (Douyin)
Dianshi Taobao (TV Taoba))
Sina Weibo
Wechat (Tencent)

The Opportunity

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (环游世界 八十天) reality show is an exclusive opportunity for businesses and brands to better resonate with, and reach out to Chinese consumers through different marketing activities and packages, with the estimated reach of 100 million viewers. The show will be distributed on China’s biggest video streaming service YouKu, part of Alibaba Group, and top social media channels including Wechat, Weibo, Tik Tok, and more.

Advertising — Public Relations — Product Endorsement & Placement

The show offers brands the opportunity for brand endorsement, placement, and advertising. We also offer brands live-streaming selling opportunities both on and off screen.

On-screen & off-screen selling opportunities

On-screen, contestants will actively sell elected products and services directly to the viewer as part of their challenge of raising money to increase their budget. Off-screen, the offers will be advertised and shopping links embedded and integrated with Alibaba’s Tmall (the largest online shopping platform), and throughout Taobao channels.


ACOLINK works closely with the producer and their team, as the sole representative to bring China's opportunities closer to you.

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Asia — Europe — Africa — Oceania — America

40 countries — 60 cities / locations

Argentina Bahamas Bolivia Cambodia China Cuba Egypt Estonia Finland Hungary Iceland India Jordan Kenya Madagascar Malta Mauritius Mexico Morocco New Zealand Panama Peru Poland Southern Europe Spain Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Vanuatu

Amman Antananarivo Auckland Budapest Buenos Aires Cairo Cappadocia Dubai Grand Bay Havana Helsinki Istanbul La Paz Lima London Madagascar Madrid Malta Mauritius Mexico City Miami Morocco Mumbai Nairobi Nassau New Delhi Panama City Phnom Penh Pompomous Port Louis Port Vila Rabat Reykjavik Rovaniemi Scotland Shanghai Sharjah Tallinn Uyuni Warsaw

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ACOLINK / 睿联国际
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The producer, Yizai Advertising is affiliated to Hangzhou Exploration Culture Media company. Its main business includes TV Tmall & Taobao, e-commerce anchor marketing, film & television media, and e-commerce. The company is engaged in marketing and advertisement, with experience in identifying brands' key selling point for Chinese consumers. Through the show, they’ll be tailoring brand promotion to fit three media formats: mobile, tablet and big screen.

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