Solutions & Integrated Services

Knowing what to do is only half the battle.
Knowing how to do it is the key.

ACOLINK's solutions coordinate your business' Chinese market entry and penetration through a series of integrated steps.

How to find and communicate with buyers in China?

Make it cost-effective

How to convince buyers 5000 miles away to buy?

Make it easy for them

How do you help buyers and platforms in China understand your brand offering? Do they have an opportunity to see and experience the product at their convenience?


Our portfolio include a network of strategically positioned showrooms and centers that are regularly visited by buyers and traders.


We navigate China’s expanding e-Commerce market so your products are in front of the right buyers, on the optimal platform.


We qualify wholesalers, distributors & retailers, streamlining the supply-chain to place your products on the shelf quickly and effectively.

Compliance & Certification

Fully-managed service and communication with Chinese authorities to adhere to strict regulations.


No solution is complete without cross-cultural, localised marketing that spans throughout your whole supply chain.


From cross-border e-Commerce to traditional trade channels, we help you enter or test the market through omni-channel strategies.

Logistics & Consolidation

With our well-established experienced partner network, we offer integrated logistics services to suit different sectors and various models.

Bonded Warehousing

Integrated supply chain solutions; dedicated, to shared, to bonded warehousing - optimising inventory management & reducing costs.

Buyers & Distributors

We have a curated pool of pre-qualified buyers, constantly manage the relationship, and also meet them in person.

Routes to market

There are many ways to enter the market or seek expansion and growth. Which best suits your risk appetite, product category, maturity, and market positioning? Find out in our Routes to Market overview.

Our advantage, your solution

Your journey with ACOLINK begins here

Digital Pathway

  • Pre-qualified buyers
  • Active demand testing
  • Omni-channels
  • Simple & cost-effective
  • Localised translation

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Showcase Pathway

  • 8+ Showrooms
  • 6+ China cities
  • Pre-qualified buyers
  • Active leads generation
  • Localised communications

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Tailored Pathway

  • Free pre-assessment
  • Fully managed
  • Benefit from our knowledge
  • Outsource before investing
  • 24/7 support available

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