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ACOLINK Showcase Pathway

There isn’t a trade show everyday in China. If there were, could you even afford it?

We often hear from our buyers and partners that they’re always on the lookout for fresh, new, innovative products that they can offer to the vast and dynamic Chinese consumer market.

We also often hear from brand owners who want to tap into the Chinese market but haven’t been able, or don’t know how, to successfully navigate through it. Here is the solution.

Service Highlights

  • How can you benefit?

    Would you buy a container load without seeing the product?

    We understand the importance of seeing a product and being able to hold it; we want to give you the opportunity to provide that to your potential buyer in a cost-effective bundle that will drive sales.

    What is it?

    • Showroom space and prime listing so that buyers can physically see and touch your products
    • Localised translation of your brand profile and product information
    • Quick turn-around on your market testing, bespoke guidance and feedback approach
    • Omni-channel options available depending on your ambitions
    • Easy upgrading to our exporting solutions; and full suite of our services at your reach
  • Is it for your product?

    Celebrating fresh, innovative, inspiring products

    We celebrate brands with a vision, that fuse the best of design, quality, and innovation.

    Our buyers value brands and products that:

    • have a clear purpose
    • stand ahead of the crowd
    • are authentic and innovative

    As well as products that are the opposite of factory-made, hand crafted, limited edition, organic, not industrial. China’s buyers are also attracted to products that are natural, safe and effective.

    We’re open to working with a great variety of products. To give you an idea:

    • Small commodities (technology, innovations, electronics, & more)
    • Fast-moving consumer goods (foodstuffs, cosmetics, homeware, & more)
    • Consumer packaged goods (fashion & apparel, personal care, & more)
  • Is it for you?

    Got your eye on the Chinese market? Seeking expansion and further growth?

    Think of it like holding an exhibition year-round, in multiple locations. It’s a first stepping stone to getting your product directly into China, and in front of buyers.

    Our pre-qualified buyers are looking for:

    • Brands that are unique and striking
    • Businesses that are innovating and forward-thinking
    • Products that are distinctive, fresh and noteworthy
  • How does it work?

    3 simple steps, leave the rest to us

    We want to make every step of the process quick and easy. So this pathway is only a few simple steps:

    • Tell us your brand story
    • Update your best sellers
    • Send your samples to China

    That's all we need to get our team busy targetting the right buyers, we'll:

    • Handle translation & communications
    • Actively promote your products throughout China
    • Showcase your products in advantageously located showrooms
    • Provide feedback and facilitate sales the moment we have viable qualified leads
  • What about the cost?

    Small investment — big opportunity

    This is a fixed-fee service that includes:

    • full-time product display in showrooms in China
    • product and brand listing
    • professional product and brand information translation
    • regular, active engagement with buyers
    • preferential access to full suite of services & more

    Please apply below to access information about the fees and further details.

Sounds great, right? That’s why ACOLINK Showcase Pathway is an exclusive, limited-place service.
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