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Routes to China's Market

There are many ways to enter the market or seek expansion and growth.

Which best suits your risk appetite, product category, maturity, and market positioning? What is your go-to-market strategy?

There isn't just one way

...if there was, all brands and products would have to be the same!


Sell through China's booming virtual platforms


Take advantage of multiple routes


Coordinate access to brick & mortar portals

Trade Shows

Gain exposure through trade shows & exhibitions


Consider strategic locations and footfall


Adapt to the future of China's New Retail

Social Commerce

Propel product success through social presence


Establish connections with reputable agents

Your strategy needs to have balance

And this is where we can help:

  • Selecting the right mix of channels and strategy
  • Bringing focus on the consumer market
  • Fitting your needs within your operational capacity
  • Reflecting your company’s goal & market value
  • Balancing consumer needs, operational costs, & growth potential

Most importantly, we make it so your business can be adaptable to the differences between your local market, and China’s.

Knowing how is the key

Now you know the options, find out how our carefully crafted Solutions & Services help you reach your destination. Read more here.

No matter which part of the journey you are on…

ACOLINK can help you with the challenges.
We offer tailored solutions that get the job done.

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